Gisela Sharpe

Owner at Gisela Sharpe Accountancy

Fiona is an excellent coach, steering me towards, and helping me achieve, my goals in a sensitive, caring and, when necessary, a real push!

I would certainly not hesitate to engage Fiona’s services myself again and can thoroughly recommend her to others.

Catherine Hadler

Ambassador at Business Biscotti

I wish I had met Fiona many years ago; her programme has really helped me to adjust my thinking and feel more confident about what I do. I would definitely recommend her to anyone feeling that they lack confidence or need to be a bit more assertive. Thanks Fiona!


I was having a crisis of confidence with my professional life, I was starting to doubt myself and my abilities which was affecting the way I presented myself at work, my career is very important to me so this was also affecting my personal life.  I found myself in a catch 22, not feeling confident meant i was struggling to see the wood for the trees professionally, which made me feel worse.  

I had a few really helpful sessions with Fiona, I really appreciated her focus on the truth, she helped distil what was fact and what was feeling, and how powerful those feelings were so that I could clearly see how things were affecting me.  She gave me some extremely helpful tools which I continue to use when I start to feel the wobble of being unsure of myself professionally.  Fiona focuses on easy to use, realistic tools and coaching which, for me, helped me turn around my approach and has had a really positive impact in my career.


I attended Fiona for three sessions in confidence training. Since childhood I’ve been terrified of standing up and speaking in front of anyone, and I could see that developing my own business was going to be severely limited if I could not get over this. Fiona has helped me develop a strategy to cope with the terror that creeps up when I’m least expecting it, and I now know that by using my toolbox of coping mechanisms that Fiona has provided, I can do it! Thanks Fiona.


I first met Fiona at a networking group. I knew I needed to talk to someone about major problems with my marriage. Firstly, we got on well and realised we had a similar background to reflect on. So, having previously seen and talked to a relationship coach, who I did not take to, I decide to see Fiona professionally. She was great. She empathised, but did not sympathise. She made me focus on my feelings and the most important aspects of the life I wanted for the future. Fiona gave me practical advice on aspects of divorce and a ‘to do’ list before our next meeting! I no longer felt alone. In fact, I felt empowered and positive about my future. The next meeting was positive and forward thinking. I was in control, I think for the first time! My life then changed for the better and I have not felt the need to see Fiona again, but I will not hesitate if the need arises.

If you have relationship problems and feel alone, I thoroughly recommend a visit to Fiona. She will get you focussed and help you to move on with your life!