Interviews are you prepared?

Looking for your first job after university or have you decided that you want to look for another job after the summer holidays?

Interviews are something many people feel nervous about. If you have a lot riding on it and you have been looking for a job for some time this will undoubtedly add to the pressure.

So how do you prepare for an interview and come across as confident and well informed.

As with so many things preparation is the key. Find out as much as possible about the company you are applying to. Look back over what you have said on your application form and also the job specification you need to be matching up your skills with what they have asked for and be able to give examples to demonstrate how you have achieved this. If you feel there are some skills gaps have you done anything outside work that might demonstrate this skill? Things like working for a charity or even a hobby can allow you to gain skills. Think about what you are particularly good it is really important to be able to get your strengths over to your interviewer as it is your one opportunity to do so and although you might normally be reluctant to blow your own trumpet your success depends on letting the interviewer know why you would be good for the job. You also need to think about what your weakness are as this is a popular interview question don’t; as somebody once told me, say that you can’t get into work before 10. You want to look for something that might be an advantage looked at on another light or something that is not that important for this particular job.

Going to the interview in a positive frame of mind is really important, if you are feeling doubtful about your whether you measure up you will end up feeling more nervous, so before you go remind yourself what you are good at and what you have got to offer.

It goes without saying that you should allow plenty of time to get to the interview arriving about 10 minutes before. If you are feeling fairly calm, but haven’t allowed enough time for parking means you will be rushing into the interview at the last minute and it is might throw you off balance.

Dress codes vary depending on the job and some require you to wear something more formal but whatever it is it is important to look well groomed.

If you are feeling a bit nervous use the breathing technique to help yourself feel calmer. When you go into the interview it is important to walk in looking confident head up and smile at the interviewer or interviewers when you are introduced. Not only will you look more confident you will actually feel more confident.

Make sure you are comfortably seated and take a few 7 in and 11 out breaths just to help you feel in the best possible form. Listen carefully to what they say and if you are not sure ask the interviewer to repeat the question. It is always tempting to try and answer the question as soon as the interviewer has finished asking you but just pause slightly to allow yourself to collect your thoughts.

It important to remember that even though this is an interview and you may feel desperate to get a job that this is a two way process. It gives you a chance to see if you would like to work for this company. So have some questions ready to ask your interviewers so you can get a better picture of what the company and job would be like to work for.

When it’s over it is tempting to walk away and not think about it but a quick review about what you think went well and what you think you might need to improve next time can help to improve your interview technique.

If you are not offered the job it is asking why your weren’t offered it, it is a tough thing to do and the reason may be something you can’t do anything about but if there is something you can do then it is worth knowing.


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