How Confident are you?


How Confident are you?

Are you feeling confident or would you like to be more confident? Try the quiz to see how confident you really are.

  1. You have been invited to a party and you don’t know anyone
(a)      You stand at the edge of the room and hope no one notices you 1
(b)      You feel a bit nervous but ask the hostess if you can help byhanding round nibbles 2
(c)      You go and introduce yourself to people 3



  1. You are organising a get together and your friends have offered their help
     (a) You feel you can’t possibly ask them they wouldn’t do it in the sameway as you 1
(b)   Say nothing you don’t want people to think you are ‘bossy’ 2
(c)    You say I am sorry to have to ask you but would you mind… 1
(d)   You tell them what you would like them to do and then thank them fortheir help afterwards. 3





  1. You have recently moved house and you don’t know anyone
(a)   You just concentrate on getting the house right 1
(b)   You see a poster for a dance class and decide to go along 2
(c)    You knock on your neighbours doors and introduce yourself and invite them round for coffee 3





  1. Your friend has asked you to baby sit and you really wanted to go to the cinema with your boyfriend
(a)     You feel you can’t say no she doesn’t get out much 1
(b)     Say you can’t do it but give a long and complicated explanation of why not 1
(c)     Say that on this occasion you can’t help 3



  1. You are going out with friends for the evening and you have taken some trouble with your appearance. A friend remarks that you are looking really good.
(a)     Say nothing and fidget nervously 1
(b)     Say ‘oh this old dress I have had it for ages’ 1
(c)      Thank them and say ‘I have been so looking forward to this evening’ 3





  1. You have bought an item of clothing and when you get it home you find that some of the stitching has come undone
(a)     You do nothing you can probably mend it yourself 1
(b)     Take it back and say you are sorry to have to complain but… 1
(c)      Take it back and say what is wrong with the item and what you would like them to do about it. 3





  1. You have seen a job you would love to apply for
(a)     On reading the details you decide you couldn’t possibly do it 1
(b)     You spend the whole weekend worrying about it then decide you could possibly have a go 2
(c)     You feel you have most of the relevant skills so you decide to apply 3





  1. Your business has been going through a tough time during the economic downturn
(a)     You think you should give up you, feel that you are not cut out to run your own business 1
(b)     You just keep on working all the hours you can that’s all you can do 1
(c)      Sit down and go through all the options and work out what will help you move forward 2
(d)     Realise that perhaps you need to get some advice 3



  1. You are in a new job that requires you to attend a lot of meetings
(a)     During the meeting you keep quite you wouldn’t dare say anything you are not experienced enough 1
(b)     Make a point but feel you have to justify everything you say so carry on justifying your comment 2
(c)      Make your point and then stop. 3




  1. You have been asked to give a talk; in the middle of it you stumble over your words
(a)     You say to yourself that it was a complete disaster and you will never do it again 1
(b)     You say thank goodness that is over I don’t need to think about that again. 1
(c)      Realise that on the whole it went well but that you can improve it next time and look at what you can do 3





  1. You have been asked to attend an interview and you are asked a fairly tough question
(a)  Your mind goes completely blank and you don’t know what to say 1
(b) You feel you must answer straight away and then realises you are not giving them the answer they are looking for 1
(c) You pause take a breath and then give your answer. 3





  1. You would like a pay rise
(a)  You feel that perhaps you have not done enough to merit one 1
(b) You tell your boss how long you have worked and how many times you have given up going out to finish things 2
(c) You tell your boss how the department has benefited from what you have done and what   they have gained from your input 3




  1. Your boss is always piling on the work until you don’t think you can manage any more
(a)  Say nothing you will just have to put up with it 1
(b)     Tell everyone in the department how put upon you feel 2
(c)      Explain to your boss that you have a number of projects on the go and ask him which one he would like you to prioritise 3



  1. You are having your annual appraisal and there have been one or two areas where you work has not been of the standard expected
(a) Say nothing and feel very upset 1
(b)  Tell everyone that you feel you are being picked on 2
(c)    Spend some time telling your boss about all the problems in your life that mean you are not working at the standard expected 2
(d)   Accept there is some justification in the comments and talk to your boss about what you need to do to improve your work 3



If you want to know what your score is e-mail your answers back to me at and I will send you your results. If you would like a chat about how to improve your confidence call me on 07714 201 649


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