Are you always runing out of time?

Manage your Time

Do you feel you have too many things you have to do? One way of managing time better is to review what you have taken on and see if you can shelve some activities at least for a while or even find someone else who can do them for you. If it something you don’t enjoy and you not skilled at doing and you really don’t have enough time perhaps someone else could do it more quickly.

The other problem when we set about doing a task is leaving it until the last minute which will add to the pressure.

You have been asked to give a talk at a local meeting tonight, you haven’t done many talks and although you realise it will raise your business profile you have been dreading it. You have been meaning to get down to writing your talk but the talk is now tonight and by midmorning you have not yet made a start so you decide to slip out and get a sandwich for lunch it as will save going out later. While you are out you think you might as well do the food shopping. On the way back you have a flat tyre, and as you can’t get the nuts off the wheel you have to call out the breakdown service, they are very busy and take over an hour to come out. When you get back to the office it is now half past one and you have to be there at six so the pressure is really on. What is more you realise that you are not going to get anything else done this afternoon.

So what could you do to avoid repeating such a stressful experience? As soon as you are asked to give a talk, write a report or any other activity that is important. Write the date you are giving you talk or handing in the report in your diary. Then write the date you will work on it in your diary this should be a week to ten days (depending on any research you need to do) before the event.

Every evening before you leave work check what important items you have to do the next day, add any others that have come up.

When you get to the date you put in your diary for preparation you can then make a start on your talk if it is something that you find quite a challenge, then as with the goals break it down into something more manageable start by putting down the topics you want to cover in your talk with any particular points you wish to raise. When you go back to it the next day you have already made a good start and you just have to work out what you need to say under the various topics. If you do this you will have completed it well ahead of the date, giving you time to practice and make any adjustments necessary. If you get into the practice of putting it in your diary well ahead you will have time to deal with urgent matters and be able to make some adjustments if you have too many important items in one day.

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